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ژوئن 20, 2020
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جولای 25, 2020

Uniqop : A modern platform to help people in cooking Persian food

Uniqop is a modern platform that is created to help people in cooking Persian food. Uniqop has an online grocery store that focuses on Persian food ingredients. Shopping from Uniqop is beneficial and reasonable in two ways. First, Uniqop is an online store which means you do not need to waste time searching groceries in big markets and you can find anything with some simple clicks. Moreover, you will save a lot of time and energy since you won’t use transportation for shopping. Another exquisite point is that Uniqop has gathered all the ingredients you need for Persian food, and you can find everything from Ghormeh Sabzi’s spices to Shirazi salad Khiar(cucumber) in Uniqop.


Uniqop has a complete database of Persian food recipes that has described Persian food in detail and with a straight forward presentation. You can find any essential information such as the hints of cooking the most delicious Ghormeh Sabzi or the knacks to make the most delicious Tahdigs. Uniqop’s Persian food recipes include thorough explanations about different foods’ serving styles which helps you to choose the best side dishes, appetizers, and drinks along with the food. Moreover, you can learn about Persian food culture and history all in Uniqop.


Make a long story short, Uniqop is born to solve all the challenges that people face while cooking Persian food out of Iran. From now on you can cook the best Persian rice, Persian Ghormeh Sabzi, and Tahdigs by following Uniqop. Uniqop’s online Persian grocery store has started its journey from California and soon will continue it to other regions of America. Uniqop’s Persian food recipes are already available for all Persian food lovers around the world. From Iranian students living abroad to the master chefs looking for the right ingredients for Persian food cooking, all can count on Uniqop’s support.

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